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Test List Migration
The Test List Migration (TLM) extension for VS2012 Update 2 converts VSDMI files (with test lists) to playlists which were introduced in VS2012 Update 2.

In Visual Studio 2005 test lists were introduced, with these test lists it was possible to group tests and run the group of tests together. With the release of Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft stopped the support for test lists in favor for test categories. These tests categories can be set on each individual test method.

When Microsoft released Update 2 for Visual Studio they added the posibility to create playlists. These playlists contain a collection of tests. This makes it possible to run a selection of tests. The playlists are XML files which can be saved anywhere on the disk.

The Test List Migration extension for VS2012 Update 2 makes use of these playlists to convert the test lists. The extension is not able to convert the test lists into test categories. This feature is planned, but due to problems with editing the code files we decided to focus on playlists first. This software is provided as-is!

How to use the extension
After installing the extension you can migrate your solution's VSMDI file by right clicking it within the Solution Explorer. The menu should have a new option named 'Migrate Test lists...' (See picture below). Clicking the new menu option opens a folder dialog, in this dialog you can choose the path the play lists should be saved to.
In order to generate the playlists the solution has to be built, the extension will do this automaticly before the folder dialog is shown. If the build returned any errors the extension won't migrate the test lists.


How to get the source code working on your machine
If the source code doesn't properly compile or the extension doesn't start, try the steps below to fix the problem.
  • Make sure the startup project is TLM.VSExtension
  • Make sure the properties of the TLM.VSExtension project are set to start an external program (VS 11.0) with the following command line arguments: "/rootsuffix Exp". This will make sure VS starts in experimental mode.

Dev team info
This software is created by a development team from Info Support in the Netherlands.

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